But what are they used for? AHA BHAs are powerful active ingredients helping to smooth rough skin that acts as a mild peeling. They are advised to acne skins, having scars or blackheads. We still must be carefull with the AHA BHA because unfortunately, they will not suit all skin types. Dry and dehydrated skin will tend to become drier and when applied the product might let a burning sensation. In the other hand, a oily skin would handle it very well while another oily can also experience tingling or burning sensation. Nevertheless, normal to dry skin usually prefer AHA and BHA remains recommended for normal to oily skin, acne skins, cysts or microcysts. If, as a bonus, you have a thick skin, mixed to oily, there is great chance that it will suits you. When using AHA BHA, it is imperative to use sunscreen.

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