Essence / Serum / Ampoule

Essence, serum, ampoule, are you lost? For a long time, we were doing differentiation between the essence and the serum. The essence being more watery and less concentrated in active ingredient than a serum. Today, it is really hard to make a difference between a serum and an essence as essence are getting ticker and more concentrated in active ingredients while you can find serum with watery texture and light in active ingredients. Essence and serum are marketing words in the end. Western women will use the word “serum” and Asian women will understand “essence”. Essence and serums are used after toner and contains active ingredients to address a specific issue (wrinkles, dark spots, brightening, etc.). They can be used daily on a long period. Ampoules are more concentrated than an essence or a serum. They are meant to be used on a short time, if you are having a skin crisis. They come in a smaller bottle and just 1-2 drops is sufficient.

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